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THE RICECOOKERS Opening Act at CAF concert review

THE RICECOOKERS Opening Act at CAF concert review
It was a great show and i'm proud of them...

Even though they had a stand in drummer, i was still impressed.

The only thing i'm STILL not happy about is Kota's head... lol.

I swear it looks like he's trying to look at his shirt or shoes the whole time... it was magical... :shy:

Everytime i look at review tapes... i swear for god he's lost something and was trying his damnedest to find it again amongst the grass... LMAO!

But that's okay! Their still amazing! YAY!!!!

Today's performance was rated an 8 out of 10.

Reason (and points lost):
1. Kota's head- they lost one point
2. Dead air (between shounen M and Alone)- lost one point

The rest of todays notes are private and beween me and the band... but to everyone that sent me a message telling me that they came... TY!!!

You made my day... and I wish I could have met you all.

And to TRES... fuck u!
U invaded my bubble 3 times today!! AND YOU TOUCHED ME!!


P.S. I also lost my car today... i was walking around the parking lot at the CAMBRIDGESIDE galleria for atleast an hour before I had to have security help me find my vehical... it was sad. So I was at the mall until about 9:30 pm.

So if you guys have a new car... and your not sure where you parked it... just ask security to help you... they'll drive you to it. LMAO!!!
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