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A New Day

The band was in the studio, let'shope everything went well... CDs are on sale...

If you would like one contact me at:

Leave your name, age, how many copies you need, address, and method of payment.

CD sales help support the band. So please buy as many as you can.


Also, we are working on designing t-shirts but i have to find my friend that makes them... of my designs can't be done right. When we get a picture... i will let you know. I'm also going to be promoting a show in Providence, R.I. for the band, during the next few weeks. So look out for me... i look like this:

So look out for me... k? Especially if your in the Boston/Allston area... i'm also in the Newton, Braintree (South Shore Plaza) and Brockton area alot.

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